About Us

We are Hemco Tours & Trek, a Bhutan-based tour operator specializing in adventure sports, cultural tours, trekking and sightseeing trips throughout Bhutan. We believe the true Himalayan adventure has to have two crucial elements – endurance and experience. Endurance is about you and your ability to show tenacity in the face of difficult physical challenges. Experience is about the landscape and the people, the Himalayan backdrop which offers some of the most stunning scenery in the world.

Wherever you travel with us we’ll take you to the major highlights as well as along the trade route taken by ancestors for you to discover the core of Bhutan. This gets you closer to the local people and the culture you came to discover. We promise to share our knowledge and expertise with you, and ensure you will come home with stories you will tell for years to come.

Think about getting your moment and experience in Bhutan. Should you have any questions regarding itineraries or a booked journey, do not fail to contact us. We’re here to listen and make it happen.

Why Us?

At Hemco Tours and Treks we’re for premium adventures, and for us that means embracing the spirit of adventure through a more immersive cultural journey. Hand-picked accommodation, small groups, well trained and experience local guides, added inclusions and a more considered pace. Premium means an exceptional experience, but never an artificial one.

Hemco Tours and Treks offers you several tour packages to choose from and they have been designed to be self-sufficient in delivering to you the Himalayan experience. The packages differ based on duration of the trip and activity level so that you can choose the best trip that suits you. However, we can also prepare a customised itinerary for you based on your own preference.

As soon as you land into Bhutan, you can let us to handle and manage your holiday till you get back. We deal with all the paperwork and the logistics so that you can focus on your adventure.

It’s your vacation and Hemco Tours and Treks will ensure that you get what you came for. So, why not?